The Turntable in The Attic

At the Stereo Lab, we specialize in repairing vintage turntables, but did you know that we sell needles and cartridges? We also do something called a Turntable Tune Up, on Tuesdays (or nearly anytime) bring your turntable to the shop at 4538 Indianola, Ave. Columbus, Ohio, we will check the cables, the cartridge, the needle and the speed for free while you wait. Many times the piece does not have to stay here for service. If we can sell you a belt or a needle and send you happily on your way with a functioning piece.

I know you can buy a cart or a needle online but if you purchase from me you get a real person to answer your questions, and free install. We also adjust tracking force and anti skate. Try that online.

We see a lot of turntables that do need to come in for service. They have been in attics and basements for decades and with the resurgence in vinyl, we are seeing these pieces come into the shop in increasing numbers. Most turntables can be repaired; however some are simply too inexpensively made to be economical to repair. This is where we can advise you on a new piece, as we sell brand new TEAC turntables along with a selection of used turntables.

Additionally, we have a record store directly next to our store. While we are not affiliated, we are friends and I highly recommend Lovelight Records and Art. Check them out after you shop us.