Our Warranty

The stuff we fix is old, going on 60 years some of it. Just like people, there are often multiple things wrong with a piece as it ages. We try very hard to completely fix a problem expressed by a customer, occasionally we will find more issues. Sometimes a piece simply breaks between our shop and the customers home, or a component fails while a piece is on the shelf.

Our promise to you, our valued customer, is we will never intentionally send home a piece that we feel is not completely fixed. Nor will we ever intentionally sell a piece that is not 100% working as advertised.

This is why we offer a 90 day warranty on all of our repairs and retail sales. Warranty work only applies to the work we did. We will repair the issue as soon as we can and get the piece back home for you to enjoy. We stand behind our work and love this gear as much as you do.

Buy with confidence, know we are here to do a good job and enjoy vintage audio for another 40 years.