Current Inventory 02/14/24

Stereo Lab today is a fun destination for vintage audio enthusiasts. We rely on over 50 years of technical know how to bring these special pieces back to life to enjoy again. Nothing sounds as good as vintage for the money and at Stereo Lab we are carrying on a long legacy of selling quality home audio.

All of our used gear has been inspected and serviced by a professional service technician. Our used gear carries a 90 day warranty, we stand behind our work. Each piece has been expertly tested and gone through, buy with confidence.

We have a decent selection of very nice pieces available right now, come get some tone!

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Custom Shop Tube Amp $1,200.00
Yamaha B6 Stereo Amplifier $700.00
Sumo The 9 Plus Stereo Amp $725.00
LEAK Stereo 130 Stereo Amplifier $1,055.00
Odessey Stratos Stereo Amplifier $975.00
Adcom GFA 5300 Stereo Amplifier $225.00
Parasound P1SP-1500 Preamp $225.00
SAE P102 Preamp $150.00
Classe Model 4 Preamp $550.00
Pioneer SX-850 Stereo Receiver $1,100.00
Technics SA-800 Stereo Receiver $1,200.00
Nivico Stereo Receiver $125.00
Akai 365D Open Reel Deck $550.00
Pioneer CT-F1250 Cassette Deck $900.00
Pioneer PL-L1000 Turntable $1,100.00
Akai Turntable $150.00
Sansui P-L50 $200.00
Marantz 1090 Amplifier $800.00
Yamaha CR-2020 $1,600.00
Sansui SR222 $0.00
NAD 7150 Receiver $225.00
Pioneer SX-950 Stereo Receiver $1,250.00
Polk Audio SDA with top tweeter $500.00
Dalquist DQ 10 $700.00
Polk Audio SDA $700.00
Elac Miracord Turntable $300.00
Monarch Pure Class A $575.00
Rekkord F110 Turntable $449.00
Yamaha CD Player $399.00
KEF Q-150 Walnut $360.00
Nikko Alpha 220 Amplifier $275.00
Kenwood KR 4070 $350.00
Denon DRA 700 $225.00
TEAC V5RX Cassette Deck $225.00
Sanyo Turntable $275.00
NAD 1130 Preamp $200.00
Rogue Audio Magnum $1,450.00
Kenwood KD-3070 Turntable $425.00
Wharfedale Linton Heritage $1,799.00
Pioneer SX-780 $700.00
Marantz 2275 Stereo Receiver $1,100.00
TEAC TN3B Turntable (New) $539.00
TEAC TN4D Direct Drive Turntable $750.00
Pioneer PL-516 $475.00
Large Advent Loudspeaker $400.00