Our Staff

Tim “Motor” Adams – Since 2019

Tim “Motor” Adams is our General Manager. Motor runs the counter, is our senior salesman and is instrumental in helping to run the business. Tim is a working musician for over 40 years and will be happy to talk music with you as well as help you get into a fabulous vintage system.

Josef Mihalka – Since 1970

Joe has been working with audio gear for over 50 years. We learn from him everyday and if he cant fix your vintage piece, frankly no one can! Joe holds several service certifications and is knowledgeable about most vintage electronic audio pieces.

Derek Harmer – Since 1997

Derek is not only our Journeyman electronics tech but also the finest turntable mechanic in central Ohio. Derek has many years experience with all types of electronic repairs, but he really shines on the turntables.

Dwayne Crawford – Since 2020

Dwayne is one of our more junior technicians bringing a valuable skill set to the Stereo Lab. Dwayne is versatile and able to successfully repair many different kinds of gear.

John L Case – Since 2013

John is well known in the antique radio community and is our antique and console repair tech. John has a lifelong interest in vintage electronics and has been repairing them for over 50 years. John started out with Scott at Columbus Vintage Audio in 2013 and contributes that experience to the modern Stereo Lab.

Scott Freshour – Since 2013

Scott Freshour has a lifelong interest in vintage audio and started repairing and re-selling gear in 20 13. Previously, Scott was an antique radio hobbyist. You may remember the space out at the Heritage Square Antique Mall, where Scott sold antique radios and stereo gear. Scott is the owner of Stereo Lab since 2019 and also a bench technician.