Vintage Audio Repair

Stereo Lab has been repairing vintage audio equipment in Beechwold (Clintonville), since 1996. Generations have come to Stereo Lab to have their beloved gear cleaned and repaired. Our current tech staff have almost 150 years of experience between them, you can trust the staff at Stereo Lab to do it right.

We routinely repair pre-1990 equipment such as tuners, amps, receivers, turntables, antique tube radio, tube hi-fi gear, speakers, console stereo, open reel decks and cassette decks. All of our repairs carry a 90 day limited warranty on the work we do.

Items we repair:

  1. Stereo receivers
  2. Stereo amplifiers
  3. Tube Hi-Fi
  4. Antique tube radio
  5. Cassette decks
  6. Open reel decks
  7. Turntables
  8. Most Console Stereos

Things we do NOT repair due to lack of parts or documentation availability.

  1. Boom boxes
  2. CD players
  3. Home A/V surround systems
  4. Commercial gear
  5. German Console Sets
  6. Yamaha M series amplifiers
  7. Dokorder open reel decks

Contact Joe, Scott or Tim at the Lab today for your repairs. Dial (614) 268-5500. We are open from 11:30 -6 Tuesday – Friday and 10-3 on Saturday.