Turntables and Accessories

We specialize in helping you get the most from your turntable. We can adjust your piece and give it a check up right at the front counter while you wait for free! Just ask for the turntable spec check. If your turntable needs a belt or a needle we will install it for you right then and there.

If your turn table needs more attention, we can do that too. We have been working on turntables for over 20 years and can repair them all. Older pieces with idler wheels to more modern tables with direct drive.

We stock needles and cartridges for many brands and we are adding to our inventory every day. We are an authorized Grado dealer and we also sell Audio Technica. We even have a limited supply of new old stock idler wheels. We carry a line of phono pre-amps, and record washer kits. Think of Stereo Lab when you think of your turntable needs.

We can repair your Victrola or Grammophone too! Edison cylinder players, crank record players, early AC tables and more. We work with partners to re-spring and re-condition old player motors. Let us help with your 20’s or 30’s era table.

(614) 268-5500 Contact phresh@stereo-lab.com