Current backlog is 8-10 weeks. Check the status of your piece here: https://www.stereo-lab.com/status/. Use the search parameters at the top of the page to help find your piece.

When you bring us your piece for repair we will ask for a $100.00 bench fee. This fee is not refundable, but it is subtracted from the total of your repair should you decide to let us fix it. We have a $175.00 minimum charge, if we expect a repair to be more expensive than $175.00 then we will prepare a detailed estimate and discuss the repairs with you before we do any work.

Stereo Lab is located at 4538 Indianola Ave. in Columbus, Ohio. We have been working on vintage gear since 1996 at this location and have a heritage going back to the Stereo Lab retail stores of the ’70’s and ’80’s .

We repair vintage pre-1990 turntables, receivers, amps, open reel decks, cassette decks and 8 tracks. We have extensive antique and tube radio repair and restoration experience and we repair and restore console stereos.

Be sure to visit our new showroom at 4538 Indianola Ave. in Columbus, Ohio. The new showroom is full of new and used gear for sale in an environment meant for listening and enjoying before you buy. Come check us out today.

We are Central Ohio’s ONLY Wharfedale speaker dealer, come experience the modern Wharfedale Legacy line at our shop in Columbus Ohio.

Our specialties include repair and restoration of antique radio, console stereo, Pioneer open reel decks, Marantz receivers, and more.

Stereo Lab is your source for turntable repairs, maintenance, needles and cartridges. We are a Grado, Audio Technica and an Ortofon dealer. Bring in your turntable for a free turntable tune up! (Includes belt inspection, balance, speed inspection and set up).

We also sell new gear, exceptional newer stereo equipment that you can listen to before you buy. We strive to provide an authentic stereo store experience, with helpful, knowledgeable sales people who love this stuff as much as you do. Brands we carry include: Wharfedale, LEAK, TEAC, KLH and more.

We are also Columbus Speaker Co. since 1954! We repair speakers with new surrounds, crossover upgrades and wire repairs. We are no longer re-coning speakers unless we know up front we can get the parts. (Please be advised, if you have a large PA speaker it needs to be removed from the case when you bring it in).

We accept items for recycling, bring us your unwanted electronic items. We will harvest parts from it and then send the item to a qualified recycling center. Keep the environment healthy, help keep vintage electronics running.

All sales and repairs carry a 90 day warranty. See details here about our warranty.

Check on the status of your piece: https://www.stereo-lab.com/status/

As of 02/01/24 we have a 8-10 week backlog.

Open 11:30 – 6PM Tuesday through Friday, 10-3 on Saturday. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Contact us today.

Turntables and Accessories

We specialize in helping you get the most from your turntable. We can adjust your piece and give it a check up right at the front counter while you wait for free! Just ask for the turntable spec check. If your turntable needs a belt or a needle we will install it for you right then and there.

If your turn table needs more attention, we can do that too. We have been working on turntables for over 20 years and can repair them all. Older pieces with idler wheels to more modern tables with direct drive.

We stock needles and cartridges for many brands and we are adding to our inventory every day. We are an authorized Grado dealer and we also sell Audio Technica. We even have a limited supply of new old stock idler wheels. We carry a line of phono pre-amps, and record washer kits. Think of Stereo Lab when you think of your turntable needs.

We can repair your Victrola or Grammophone too! Edison cylinder players, crank record players, early AC tables and more. We work with partners to re-spring and re-condition old player motors. Let us help with your 20’s or 30’s era table.

(614) 268-5500 Contact phresh@stereo-lab.com

Vintage Audio Repair

Stereo Lab has been repairing vintage audio equipment in Beechwold (Clintonville), since 1996. Generations have come to Stereo Lab to have their beloved gear cleaned and repaired. Our current tech staff have almost 150 years of experience between them, you can trust the staff at Stereo Lab to do it right.

We routinely repair pre-1990 equipment such as tuners, amps, receivers, turntables, antique tube radio, tube hi-fi gear, speakers, console stereo, open reel decks and cassette decks. All of our repairs carry a 90 day limited warranty on the work we do.

Items we repair:

  1. Stereo receivers
  2. Stereo amplifiers
  3. Tube Hi-Fi
  4. Antique tube radio
  5. Cassette decks
  6. Open reel decks
  7. Turntables
  8. Most Console Stereos

Things we do NOT repair due to lack of parts or documentation availability.

  1. Boom boxes
  2. CD players
  3. Home A/V surround systems
  4. Commercial gear
  5. German Console Sets
  6. Yamaha M series amplifiers
  7. Dokorder open reel decks

Contact Joe, Scott or Tim at the Lab today for your repairs. Dial (614) 268-5500. We are open from 11:30 -6 Tuesday – Friday and 10-3 on Saturday.

New and Vintage Audio Sales

We are now selling new gear, we stock Rekkord and TEAC turntables, brand new in the box. We also are proud to offer Wharfedale and KLH speakers. Our speakers are available to demo in our new listening areas. We offer a range of select vintage pieces for sale at any given time. The inventory changes as new things come in and are moved on to the sales floor. We typically have a couple of turntables, receivers and amps available for sale. These pieces represent a fantastic value for vintage audio enthusiasts. All of our used vintage items have been pro serviced have spent time on the bench and carry a 90 day warranty. We extensively test the used retail gear to ensure it is playing within specification and meet our critical listening criteria. You can rest assured a piece purchased today will sound fantastic when you hook it up at home.

We service and sell legacy brands such as Pioneer, Marantz, Voice of Music, Sansui, Technics, Bell, Akai, Teac, Sony, Carver, Kenwood and more.

We specialize in the repair and restoration of console stereos and have vast experience with antique tube radios. We typically keep some of the antique gear in inventory for sale.

We are an official dealer for the following new product brands.

TEAC, KLH, Wharfedale, Grado, Ortofon.


We are also Columbus Speaker, a brand that has been in central Ohio since 1954. We repair all types of speakers including:

  1. Antique field coil speakers
  2. Modern Hi Fi Speakers

It is no longer economically feasible to re-cone speakers. Parts are difficult to find and honestly, you can buy a new one for what I will charge you to fix it. We still routinely do speaker re-foam however, that is replacing the foam surround between the cone and the frame. We do these all the time, giving new life to older speakers.

Please note, we cannot fix the digital amps that frequently are a part of modern PA speaker systems. Effective 8/15/19 we are no longer accepting large PA speakers for repair unless they have been removed from the cabinet. We are only repairing the foam surrounds.