Needles, Styli, Cartridges, Belts and More.

Stereo Lab is your source for needles, cartridges and other turntable accessories. We also carry belts for belt driven turntables. We strive to carry the most common cartridges and styli, so there is a good chance we have it in stock. We also have a large selection of legacy needles for the older pieces.

Why would you buy from us instead of online? Because we have the experience to give you the best item for your needs. We will also install the cartridge for you and balance the tone arm assuring you that installation was correct and all you need to do is go home and enjoy your turntable.

Stereo Lab Sales and Service is an authorized Grado® and Audio-Technica® dealer. We also stock high end carts and stylus for the higher end audiophile turntable enthusiast.

About idler wheels. An idler wheel is an early form of direct drive for turntables. In many of the older units, including those sexy consoles from the ’60’s, the platter was turned via a metal wheel with a tire on it. These wheels became brittle and hard with time and today are almost always in need of replacement. Sadly, idler wheels are no longer manufactured so we are stuck with new old stock and re-manufactured wheels. At Stereo Lab Sales and Service we carry a limited number of wheels, but we can nearly always order a re-manufactured one from our suppliers. A new wheel often solves many problems older tables have including the cycling and reject on changers.